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Graphic user interface (or GUI) is a fascinating science that reveals how the words, images and spatial relationships on a web page or multimedia presentation affect the intellectual and emotional responses of the viewers. Creating the best possible graphic user interface for your website or learning environment can be critical for success.

Graphic interface design balances the desire for innovative, fresh design with the conventions of web design and the expectations of the user. Changes in design can make a huge impact on sales and client acquisition.

GUI design is related to the psychology of eye movements, how the brain processes images and visual information, and how viewers interpret the hierarchy of information presented to them. In other words, when we are faced with an overwhelming amount of stimulation, how do we sort out what is important? How do we know what to ignore and what to pay attention to?

Once visitors find your website or students enter your learning environment, make sure that they can find and do what they came to accomplish! Do visitors or learners get lost or take an inordinate amount of time to find what they need? Do they get what your site or topic is about at first glance? Are they confused by your graphics, color scheme and navigation indicators?

We have worked with interface design for websites related to transportation services, book sales, consulting services and product sales. Interface design extends from the overall information architecture to the design of navigational buttons and icons. Let us help you discover possible design problems and improve your site's effectiveness.

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