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"Having worked in the publishing profession for several decades, I find the team of Andrew and Kathleen to be incredibly creative, perceptive and highly skilled. "     
--T.M., New Vistas Publishing

"Living Arts uses simplicity and selected words to create a message with impact."
--L.N., Marketing Works

The goal of instructional design is to facilitate effortless learning. To achieve this objective, complex topics and subjects must be distilled into understandable segments of information that can be easily absorbed and utilized. This can be accomplished through written communication, video and multimedia, live presentations and other forms of sequential learning.

Combining pictures, videos, documents and images in endless ways makes learning exciting, flexible and unlimited. Perhaps even more importantly, learning can be tailored to the style of an individual, group or organization.

We began writing and hosting instructional videos over ten years ago, starting with a series of videos on baking for people on gluten-free and food allergy-restricted diets. Since then, we have created videos, DVDs, websites and print materials to teach about a wide range of topics from alternative health to corporate finance.

Learning is critical for adaptation and survival in our world today. What is this product or service? Why is it better than someone else's? What are the risks and the advantages of this product or service? How will this product or service improve my life? Marketing and advertising involves a major element of education for the consumer. The best instructional design both educates and entertains.

Our philosophy is that learning should be a joy. At the very least it should not be a painful experience. The job of an educator is not to prove how smart they are to their learners, but to prove to the learners how smart they can be when the materials provided meet their needs and learning styles.



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