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"Having worked in the publishing profession for several decades, I find the team of Andrew and Kathleen to be incredibly creative, perceptive and highly skilled. "     
--T.M., New Vistas Publishing

"Living Arts uses simplicity and selected words to create a message with impact."
--L.N., Marketing Works


Kathleen Karlsen - Vice-President, Living Arts Media

Kathleen's extensive experience with event management serves her well in her capacity as the project manager for Living Arts Media. Kathleen understands the complexity of projects and the need for clear and timely communication. Kathleen's organizational skills help keep things running smoothly and according to planned timelines.

Kathleen also uses her skills in writing, research and marketing to assist clients in achieving their goals and to analyze their needs for media services and ongoing support. Kathleen is also our primary voice talent for instructional and promotional videos.

Kathleen's expertise in symbolism and visual design are an invaluable asset for helping clients to establish their corporate identity through logo design, product packaging and website interface design.

Kathleen has a bachelor's degree in studio art, a master's degree in humanities and a year of post-graduate training in adult and higher education.

Kathleen is also a professional artist and a creative arts educator.

Kathleen Karlsen
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