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"Having worked in the publishing profession for several decades, I find the team of Andrew and Kathleen to be incredibly creative, perceptive and highly skilled. "     
--T.M., New Vistas Publishing

"Living Arts uses simplicity and selected words to create a message with impact."
--L.N., Marketing Works

Bozeman, Montana Scenic

Living Arts Media was founded in 1997 primarily as a video production and editing company. Since then, we have expanded our services to include graphic design, web design, book publishing, marketing, copywriting and seminar development.

We care passionately about improving life for mankind and for future generations. We welcome inquiries from all types of businesses, with an emphasis on clients engaged in life-enhancing services related to natural health, education, green products, sustainable agriculture, fine arts and personal growth.

We are always happy to provide references for you to contact. We want you to be as comfortable as possible with your decision to work with us. Please give us a call and get to know us today!

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